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1.1 Why monabiphot ?


 1.     Multidisciplinary scientific approach       

MONABIPHOT is a two-year master's program focused towards understanding various technologies that lie at the interface of Chemistry, Physics and Biology and their application to Bio and Nano-sciences. Selected students have a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. This enables a healthy learning experience and challenges them to learn about various other technologies and scientific disciplines. It is a result of intense selection and learning process that today MONABIPHOT alumni are placed in some of the best companies in the world. This intensive program not only produces some excellent Ph.D candidates, but also enables the students to contribute to the business and strategic aspects of scientific organizations.

2. Quality of scientific education

The MONABIPHOT classroom itself represents a globalized world, with students from different nations sharing and learning together. They get trained under some of the well-known scientists and receive lectures by eminent scientists from across the world during summer school. The diverse cultural and educational background, coupled with high quality of education and training makes them an ideal candidate for any company.


3. Multi-functional skills of the MONABIPHOT alumni / students

MONABIPHOT students study in two to three different European countries. In addition to their understanding of research and business scenarios in their own countries, they also gain a good knowledge of European work ethics. Students are also encouraged to apply for internships to universities in throughout Europe and other parts of the world. This makes them an ideal candidate for this globalized world.