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About Monabiphot

This Master Course offers an original qualification in the highly innovative domain of molecular photonics for telecommunications and biology. Skills will be acquired at the strongly interdisciplinary level needed to master emerging technologies and to develop original concepts and applications aiming at novel technological breakthroughs in this domain.

The programme is aimed at students already awarded or expecting a BSc (or a higher degree) or equivalent before the starting date of the first term (September 2017 for the current applications).

Call for Erasmus Mundus scholarships is closed

Scholarships funded by the European Union :

  • Non-EU students ("Partner countries"): 23 500 € per year (3 scholarships)
  • EU students ("Program countries") : 16 000 € per year (1 scholarship)
  • Additional scholarships for specific regions : more information here

Other funding programs:

Scholarships from University Paris Saclay : Deadline on March 13 (first wave) and May 5, 2017 (second wave)

Please contact Isabelle Ledoux-Rak ( to obtain more information about these procedures about ENS Cachan and Paris Saclay scholarships!

Deadline for Academic application (without scholarships) at the M1 or M2 levels : June 30, 2017

Registration fees:

  • ERASMUS MUNDUS track (2 year Master Course, M1 + M2) : 3000 euros per year for EU scholarship holders, 8000 euros per year for non-EU scholarship holders
  • One-year ENS Cachan Master Course (M2 only) : 256 euros.

IMPORTANT : For beneficiaries of these scholarships, registration fees are much lower (< 500 € per year including health insurance)

Students are expected to finance their accommodation, living and travel costs themselves. Health insurance will be covered by the tuition fees. The respective institutes provide assistance for visa, housing and other practical topics. The professor/student ratio is about 3 professors for 2 students. Most lectures are given in English.

(A few optional ones are given in French or Spanish, but the knowledge of these two latter languages is not required to apply to MONABIPHOT)

Erasmus Mundus grant payment regulations

For detailed information, click here

Course Description