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Accommodation in Cachan/Paris Descartes

For students in Cachan and UPAD rooms are available at the student Residence at the Cachan Campus.

Monthly rent depends on the quality of the room.  

These rooms have private shower and toilets, and a small kitchen that has to be shared with another student in a neighbouring room. Arrangement will be taken to group the students according to their personal preferences.

Room reservation will be done directly by the EMMC staff.

Students with children

Special care will be taken of students arriving with their family, especially children. They cane be accommodated on student campuses with their life partner, but children are not accepted in some dormitories (e.g. in Cachan). In such situation the EMMC staff will book a flat located not too far from the campus (less than one hour using public transportation), using special networks specially devoted to the accommodation of scientists (e.g. Science Accueil in the south of Paris).