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Upon their arrival to Cachan on the first year of their Master Course, Erasmus Mundus students and more generally foreign students admitted to ENS Paris-Saclay to pursue a Master must register and pay for registration fees at the Master Registration Office (Registry and Student Affairs).

All students will be registered in their respective host institution, i.e. ENS Paris-Saclay and Paris:Descartes on the first semester, and Complutense/Wroclaw University for the second semester. Additionnally, all arriving students will be registered at ENS Paris-Saclay in order to facilitate the mutual recognition of the credits acquired in other Institutions. Students will benefit of the advantages of any student from these institutions in terms of social rights, reduced rates for transportation and other services, and so on.

The student social security is covered by the French helth insurance to be taken during the registration process. Health costs and other risks will be covered by this insurance.
Students not coming to Cachan for the second year will have to register by e-mail and to pay for their registration fees to the Coordinator in order to ensure the delivery of the final Master diploma.

The registration process in Cachan involves four steps : the three first one are completed electronically, the final one corresponding to the delivery of the student card.

After registration, students will receive a Student Card, which will give them access to the Library and to various facilities (university restaurant, Internet facilities, various discounts for transportation, museum, cinema, etc...).