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Student services at Complutense University of Madrid

Student sercices

The University Complutense of Madrid provided service for to welcome the third-country studies, with the International Relations Office for to facilitate the installation quickly and with efficacy of all the students and the Unidad de Gestión de Residencias Erasmus.

Information on housing in Madrid

All prices are approximative.

- The Tourists Offices offer information about this type of housing classified according to category. Calle Duque de Medinaceli, 2. Tel. 91 429 31 77.

During the past few years, some of the Hostels close to Ciudad Universitaria are commonly connected by thee foreign students for the first days. The average price is around 40 € a day.

- Apartamentos Galileo. You must give a deposit of approximately 500 €. These are flats whose price varies according to the number of occupants, a maximum of 3 per flat. Price of a flat: 800 € a month. You can only reserve a place after you arrive in Madrid. Minimum stay 6 months for 2 and 3 room flats. For one-room flats, if you make an extra deposit, you can stay for less than 6 months. c/ Galileo, 26, teléfono 91 448 07 14,

- Housing in private homes. Once in Madrid you can request assistance from this Office at the following telephone: 91 394 69 19
Prices: If you rent a single room the price will vary from 250 and 320 €; in a shared room it will be around 210 €.

- Rental Housing Bureau for Young people, belonging to the Comunidad de Madrid: Calle Braganza, s/n, 28025 Madrid. Telephone 91 580 47 56.

- Shared Housing Program. An older person desires to share his/her residence with a young person. The latter receives economic benefits as he/she pays no rent, and the older person benefits from the company that the young person provides. If interested, contact: Solidarios para el Desarrollo, calle Donoso Cortés, 65. Teléfono 902 123 125 o 91 543 44 81.

In all cases the students may contact :

<Students flats>: Unidad de Gestión de Residencias Erasmus - Pabellón de Gobierno - C/ Isaac Peral, s/n 28040 Madrid
Teléfonos: 34 91 394 69 67 ; Fax: 34 91 394 69 27 - e-mail:
<<Private homes>>: e-mail:              

Medical insurance

Students from EU countries

In their country of origin students should get Form E-128/111, which will give them access to medical care through the Spanish Social Security.

Other countries, not EU members, with which Spain has a medical care agreement are Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Morocco.

Students from non-EU countries

Students from non-EU countries as well as those students who, although they are nationals of an EU country or one of those aboved-mentioned countries, are not covered by Social Security in their own country, should have private medical insurance.

It is important to carry out all the necessary procedures before coming to Spain. Students should always carry their E-128/111 document. With this insurance they have the same rights as the rest of the population.

In case of medical emergency, students can go to any hospital in Madrid.

Medical care is free for most needs, but not for medicine. In Spain about 40 % of the cost of medications prescribed by Social Security doctors are not covered by Social insurance

If the student has no have medical insurance, Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales can provide the student with the telephone and contact person for private medical insurance companies, but the student should bear in mind that the UCM has no connection with any them.

Instituto de la Seguridad Social - Calle Velázquez, 157 - 28006 Madrid
Tel: 34 91 562 55 93 - Fax: 34 91 411 31 50

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Erasmus Mundus contacts :

Prof. Mercedes CANO, e-mail:

International Office :

Pabellón de Gobierno
C/ Isaac Peral,
s/n - 28040 Madrid - Spain
Tel: 91- / 21
Fax: 91-

General contact and address :

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Ciudad Universitaria 
28040 Madrid 
Tel. +34 914520400 - e-mail :