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Visa and residence permit

Non-European Student staying for more than 3 months must apply for a residence permit. An agreement signed with the local Police authorities facilitates the residence permit delivery. For a first application for residency in France students must pass a compulsory medical check-up organised by the International Migration Office (OFII). A 55 euro tax must be paid to OFII. The office Vie étudiante (Student Life) provides assistance in obtaining the residence permit and will serve as interface between the students and the local police authorities.

The staff in Cachan, especially the Administrative Officer of the EMMC Course, Ms Magdalena Keska, and Mrs Brigitte Vidal from the Vie étudiante office, will  assist all Erasmus Mundus students for their visas and for their residence permit..

The two other Institutions involved in the second semester courses, Complutense and University of Wroclaw assisted the students for their visa and residence permits.